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Looking for shipping and customs documents? We have them all right here. We specialize in halping bisuness move LTL & FTL shipments across North America.
Shipper's Export Declaration Form

The SED is required by the U.S. Department of Census and by the Bureau of Industry and Security to enforce the necessary export controls. However, it is possible that a shipment is exempt from the form if its value is $2500.00 USD or less. The form must be prepared and signed by a U.S. shipper (exporter) or their forwarding agent. The shipment description, value, weight, destination, and other basic information must be indicated for processing use by Customs. SED information may be submitted electronically through the Automated Export System (AES), by mail, or by fax. For more information, please review the US Code of Federal Regulations or contact us directly.

B13 Export Declaration Form
U.S. Commercial Invoice
NAFTA Certificate of Origin
Canada's Customs Invoice
Packing List
Confirmation of Sale
Bill of Lading
Import Declaration
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